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Grand Canyon - Arizona

May 10 - 13, 2003

Our trip began at the south rim of the Grand Canyon on May 10th - Saturday afternoon, where we left our vehicles and dropped our gear to be carried down to Phantom Ranch by mule the next morning.  After lunch,  we shuttled to the north rim and spent the night at the North Rim Lodge.  Wow!  What a view.  Some pre-hike cocktails at the Lodge were followed by a scrumptious dinner and a good sleep.  After breakfast, we departed down the north Kaibab Trail—14 miles.  Two nights at dead bottom: Phantom Ranch, were a treat not to be missed!

Tuesday morning, after an early breakfast, we hiked out the South rim.  Celebratory cocktails were enjoyed at the Bright Angel bar.



 • Grand Canyon established as a forest preserve in 1892

 • Became a national monument in 1908

 • Total acreage: 1,215,375

 • Designated a national park in 1919

 • Length in air miles: 190

 • Length in river miles: 277

 • Minimum width: 600 feet at Marble Canyon

 • Maximum width: 18 miles

 • Minimum width of Colorado River: 76 feet

 • Average width of Colorado River: 300 feet

 • Maximum depth of river: 85 feet

 • Average depth of river: 40 feet

 • Number of rapids: 160 River

 • Number of known archaeological sites within the park: 2,700

 • Number of Indian reservations in the park: 1 (Havasupai)

 • Total miles of trails in the park: 400

 • Total number of those trail miles that are maintained: 30.7

 • Number of miles of roads: 355

 • Number of bird species in park: 287

 • Number of mammal species: 88

 • Number of reptile and amphibians species: 58

 • Number of plant species: 1,500

 • Number of fish species: 26

 • Number of biotic life zones in the park: 5 (the same as traveling from Mexico to Canada)

 • Endangered wildlife species: 3 (bald eagle, peregrine falcon, humpback chub)

 • Number of buildings listed as  National Landmarks: 120

 • Number of structures on National Register of Historic Places: 136

And God decided to create something so beautiful that words could not describe it, and it was the North Rim

The North Rim

The infamous Cantina at Phantom Ranch

Phantom Ranch

An incredible view of the Grand Canyon, as coming up the Bright Angel trail

The South Rim


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