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Phantom Ranch—Grand Canyon
May 11 - 14, 2005 More Details Coming!

We had such a good adventure this May that we need to do it again!  We’ve made reservations at Phantom Ranch for 18 hardy souls to spend three days in the Canyon, with two nights at Phantom Ranch dorms again (I found out that those nice cabins are reserved for the Mule people).



Total Package $315* includes:


• Mule duffel service RT for your gear

  (drop at South Rim Wed Noon)

• Transportation from South Rim to North Rim

• Lodging one night at North Rim Grand Canyon Lodge

  (Wed night)

 • 2 nights at Phantom Ranch dorms (9 female/9 male)

  Thurs – Fri nights

 • Meals:  lunch & Steak dinner Thursday

       late breakfast & Stew dinner Friday

       early breakfast Saturday morn

       snacks and lunch goodies (we are bringing)

Option: hike out or raft out?


As you probably know, when you call XANTERRA reservations to secure Phantom Ranch, you have to pay in full for it at the time you reserve it.  So, your check of $315 will secure your spot.  I know that 2 years away is an eternity, but remember it is 100% refundable up to the week we go.  E-Mail us for the trip status & the mailing address.


* Pricing subject to change, maybe.  If XANTERRA has a price increase in 2 years, the cost might go up by a few dollars.  Will let you know.




Depending on costs – timing… we are trying for an option to raft out on Saturday.  Larry will not be able to check on this until May 2004, next year (they only book one year in advance).  You might have your choice to either raft out or hike out on Saturday.  Will keep you posted.


For a recap of our May 2003 adventure, go to  Phantom Ranch 2003  I’ve not put all the photos on yet, but I have included Julie and BJ’s song [Wastin’ Away at] Phantom Ranch.  It was a huuuuuge hit at the Cantina!




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