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Wagon Wheel Ranch


JUNE 2003


July 4th


 Prescott, AZ

JULY 2003


Copper Canyon


NOV 2003


Havasupi Canyon


APRIL 2004


Phantom Ranch

MAY 2005


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Arizona the beaten path.

Indian Ruins, Ghost Towns and Gold & Silver Mines

Birds Nest ruin in Ute Tribal park

Ute Tribal Park

Anasazi Ruins on Sacred Holy Ground

Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley


The Kenai Peninsula — wildlife, gold mines, horse trails and a spit you'll never forget

Snowmass, Colorado - Rocky Mountain Vacations

Skiing, the Official F.U.J.I Scavenger Hunt and the Chicago Caper Murder Mystery



The Grand Canyon

Phantom Ranch

The Grand Canyon rim-to-rim with two overnights at dead-bottom: Phantom Ranch.





is not an outfitter, not a club or organization.  It is a group of thrill-seeking over-40 adventurers pushing themselves beyond their limits to have the most possible fun they can have.  Hiking, rafting, trekking, skiing, biking, exploring... life is too short to not try to see and do it all, or at least as much as you can possibly squeeze in.  Some people just live.  Others live right.


No whiners here.  Just fun-loving adventurers searching the world over for excitement.  Not that extreme  Glad-I'm-not-young-and-crazy-enough-to-do-that  kind of fun.  But the exploration of the mysteries of the world — trips to the extraordinary.  So dump the armchair and join us for the most exciting adventures you can imagine. 


Single, and your friends too busy or too boring to explore the uncommon??  Join us and make life-long friends around the country that love life, laughter and adventure.  No match making here — just great new friends having the time of their lives.


Couples??  Are the kids grown and having their own fun?  Well, it's your turn now.  Join us for energy-packed fun and adventure to all corners of the world, and meet other adventurous couples just like yourselves that have waited too long for their turn to explore the best of the world.


With A Wild Adventure, most of our trips are based on the natural wonder of  cultural  history.  Whether the ancient past of the Native Indian culture, the mysteries of the Inca civilization, the last great frontier of Alaska  — you'll find fun, knowledge and adventure wrapped up in every trip.  You'll arrive home exhausted, yet exhilarated; full of new knowledge, yet craving more.  Our trips are not sit-on-your-duffer trips.  You'll see life up close and personal as we visit out of the way towns, villages or areas the common vacationer does not venture to.  To place your hands in the fingerprints of an Indian squaw left in a mud wall a thousand years ago... to stand in the sunrise of stones lined up on a summers solstice by an advanced culture that had no written language and no knowledge of the wheel...  this is when your journey takes you back to another time and place in history.


If you'd like to go on A Wild Adventure with us, just e-mail us for details of how to be included.  We welcome a chance to make a new friend and have you join us.



Deborah Haling

Writer/Expedition Coordinator


Larry Reineck

Expedition Leader


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