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Wagon Wheel Ranch


JUNE 2003


July 4th


 Prescott, AZ

JULY 2003


Copper Canyon


NOV 2003


Havasupi Canyon


APRIL 2004


Phantom Ranch

MAY 2005


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Ancient Indian Ruins

Anazasi cliff dwelling and miles of petroglyphs are within a few hours drive of the greater Phoenix area

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Ghost Towns & Mines

The Bradshaw mountains, northwest of the Phoenix metro area,  are swiss-cheesed with gold and silver mining tunnels and lay claim to millions of dollars of mined ore



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Arizona Timeline


1848  gold discovered in California

1852  Americans begin navigating the Colorado River; Topo Engineers begin surveying Arizona

1854  First commercial American mining ventures

1856  Arizonans begin petitioning for separate territorial status

1861  Civil War begins and Arizona military posts are abandoned

1862  Arizona becomes Confederate territory

1863  Arizona territory is established; Walker party discovers gold in Bradshaws, Wickenburg finds rich lode in Vulture Mine

1864  Territorial Capital established Prescott; Four counties are established — Pima, Yuma, Yavapai, Mohave

1869  John Wesley Powell explores Grand Canyon

1877 Silver discovered at Tombstone; copper deposits found at Bisbee

1881  Southern Pacific railroad crosses southern Arizona

1883   Atlantic & Pacific (Sante Fe) railroad crosses northern Arizona

1888  Copper replaces gold and silver in economic importance in Arizona

1889  Territorial Capital moved to Phoenix

1895  Phoenix linked by rail to northern and southern rail lines

1911 Roosevelt Dam completed

1912  Arizona admitted to the Union

1936  Hoover Dan on the Colorado River is finished



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