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Ancient Ute Ruins



Lion Canyon


You can only visit Ute Tribal Park with a Ute Guide.  A full day tour or half day tour can be arranged — but plan ahead. 

There are four ruins that are included on the full day tour. All of the ruins included on the tour are located within a short distance of each other in alcoves of Lion Canyon. Entry to the canyon requires descent down three ladders as you drop about 90 feet from the mesa top.

Tree House cliff dwelling, like most of the others built in Lion Canyon, was built around 1140 A.D. and was initially occupied for fifteen to twenty years.  The Anasazi moved to another location and returned to the site in 1195.  Each dwelling was rebuilt and occupied for about one full generation, then forever abandoned.

Thousands of pieces of pottery shards, scattered like bits of an unfinished mosaic, cluster around the sites. There are many different sources of the pottery demonstrating the trading network that existed.  The pieces run the gamut from white to red to intricate black geometric designs.  There are trails that lead from the Ute Mountain Tribal Park to Chaco, Grand Canyon, Hovenweep, and other trading clans.

Eagle Nest is the last of the ruins open to the public on the tour. Access to this ruin is provided by a fourth ladder about 30 feet long and not for the faint of heart.  It was once a 19 room dwelling, and contains a kiva that was once covered by a roof and accessible by ladder, and displays a magical painting around its interior walls.

Treehouse ruin


Pottery shards line the trails.

You can pick them up, but don't keep any!


Eagles Next ruin


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