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Wagon Wheel Ranch


JUNE 2003


July 4th


 Prescott, AZ

JULY 2003


Copper Canyon


NOV 2003


Havasupi Canyon


APRIL 2004


Phantom Ranch

MAY 2005


 Take A Hike Calendar

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Chaco Canyon Photo Gallery  
Chaco Canyon Adventurers — We would love to post your personal photos of the trip.  Please submit them electronically, if able, thru e-mail, or send regular mail and they will be returned - see Contact Us page for address.  Please submit photos with 3 or 4 lines of copy (who is in picture, where taken, what was happening...)  Fun people pictures, as well as photos of the ruins, will be gladly accepted!

TIP -  When you get your film developed, ask them to put your photos on a CD.  Six or seven developed rolls of pictures will fit on one CD, for about $8, and they are usually hi-res images.  You'll be able to e-mail them to friends and relatives, as well as print them out on your color printer.


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