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153.jpg (55687 bytes) History of Chaco Canyon

We are venturing to

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

August 30 - September 2, 2002

Chaco Canyon

For details on how you can be included in this trip,

call or e-mail

Larry Reineck  928-442-1409


Chaco Canyon, in northwestern New Mexico was THE major hub of the ancient Puebloan culture between AD 850 and 1250.  And a limited number of adventurers will join us for a Labor Day Weekend campout and uniquely private, guided tour that you will never forget.  This adventure will provide a special opportunity for a select group to touch the past, to reach back 1,000 years and, yet, never actually leave the present.  Very few creature comforts are available, and campsites are first-come-first get, so make your plans now and contact us to be included.





Expedition Aug 30 - Sept 2, 2002 details

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